Just a friendly heads up to those of you who enjoy freedom of speech, etc. Looks like the US government has subpoenaed Wikileak’s account information from San Francisco based Twitter. Officials have asked for private messages, contact information and other details from Julian Assange and other supporters, including Pfc. Bradley Manning (suspected source), Brigitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic lawmaker behind Iceland’s  free speech initiative), and Rop Gonggrijp (a Dutch hacker affiliated with Wikileaks). Twitter did the right thing and politely informed all of these users of the impending court action, something which other social media and fundraising sites have not done. On a side note, Gonggrijp complained that court officials had misspelled his name in the subpoena.

The legal rights of journalists concerning the leakage of classified information are considered a “gentleman’s agreement” of sorts between the judiciary and press outlets, and are not formally codified in any law books. This action by US officials heralds an end to this gentleman’s agreement however, and sets a worrisome precedent for future litigation involving journalists. There is no legal difference between Wikileaks and the New York Times, which means that traditional media outlets could be prosecuted for future infractions. I’ll just add this to the growing list of actions states are taking in the scramble to save their sovereignty from the digital revolutions.

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