Hiatus Se Terminó

Sorry for the super long lack of posts, but this semester has been hellishly busy and stressful. I started a really incredible internship for the New York Observer back in January, which has been slowly consuming much of my free time. The internship was supposed to be a simple editorial job, but has since blossomed into an all out photojournalism orgy, including covering a Beard Festival AND Larry David’s ex-wife (the one that boned Al Gore.) Just today they published about 10 or so of my pictures in the premiere issue of NYO Magazine, their new glossy mag publication. Exciting day indeed.

In other news, NYU has been fucking me over to no end the past two weeks. My eternally high advisor allowed me to be a part time student and take classes outside of CAS, which basically means I will be 16 credits short of graduation at the end of spring semester. Woooo! Now I have to figure out if I should try to finish these credits over the summer, or simply stay another semester. This would totally fux over what minuscule career plans I had. Oh well. Anyways, here’s a few pictures from the past two months.

The Plaza

Some Interior Designer

Wall of Books

Jenny C'est Quoi

Jess in an intensive writing session with Joe

I’ll check back in with more photos at a later date. In the mean time, enjoy the sad, sad side show that is Libya.


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