Just a friendly heads up to those of you who enjoy freedom of speech, etc. Looks like the US government has subpoenaed Wikileak’s account information from San Francisco based Twitter. Officials have asked for private messages, contact information and other details from Julian Assange and other supporters, including Pfc. Bradley Manning (suspected source), Brigitta Jonsdottir … Continue reading


Hello All, Pseudo-exciting news! Last week I was asked to come on the WNYU radio show Earshot to talk politics, and more specifically WikiLeaks’ recent release of previously private and classified diplomatic cables from around the world. You can listen to the audio from the interview here. This is the first really interesting international relations … Continue reading


Let me start with a recent dream. I was seated in a cluttered waiting room, surrounded by families of small children and tired adults and suitcases filled with all of my worldly possessions. Stacks of documents and office supplies lined the walls. The room was in chaos- loud and muggy, there was no air conditioning. … Continue reading

Shit That Disturbs Me – The Interoceanic Highway

The Interoceanic Highway

Welcome to the first installment in a new series of short articles entitled “Shit That Disturbs Me.” Every week I plan to highlight various issues around the world that are not discussed and dissected nearly as much as they should be by American mainstream media outlets. I will specifically focus on issues that occur within … Continue reading